Kash Tip is simple to use.


First we have the start up screen.


Kash Tip Startup


Then click on the box to the left of check amount and input the bill total.

When finished press the done key.


Kash Tip Check Amount Input


Use the slider control to adjust select your tip.


Kash Tip Slider

The bill total is automatically calculated at the bottom.



Now if you wish to split bill between multiple guests, click the split check switch to the on position.


Kash Tip Split On


Now enter how many people you would like to split the bill with by clicking on the input box to the right of how many people.

When finished press the done key.


Kash Tip Split Iput




The total is calculated automatically.


Kash Tip Split Total


Any and all changes are done automatically in the app.




More features coming soon to Kash Tip.



Any questions,suggestions, bugs, or feature requests?


email kashtip@kashsystems.com